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Shukra / शुक्र

Shukracharya / शुक्राचार्य

  • Shukra was a preceptor of the demons. Shukra was the son of the sage Bhrigu by his wife Puloma.
  • Shukra had three daughters, Arja, Devi and Devyani. He gave his daughter Devi in marriage to Varun, god of the waters.
  • An ardent devotee of Shiv, Shukra performed severe penance to please the deity, as a result of which he obtained the Sanjivni Mantra.
  • Kach, the son of Brihaspati was his disciple and Shukra taught him the Sanjivni. When Devyani was insulted by Sharmishtha, the daughter of the demon-king Vrishparva, Shukra threatened to leave the king's service.
  • Sharmishtha was then given as maid to Devyani. When Yayati, husband of Devyani, took Sharmishtha as his second wife, Shukra cursed him that he would lose his youth.
  • Shukra tried to stop the demon-king Bali from donating land to the sage Vaman, but the king decided to go ahead and give Vaman what he had asked for.
  • Taking a pot of water, the king began to offer water to the sage. Shukra knew that if no water would fall, then the donation would not be valid, and so taking the form of a cork he plugged the mouth of the pot.
  • Vaman knew this and he stuck a reed of grass into the opening. The blade pierced an eye of Shukra and he became blind in one eye.