Shunga Dynasty

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Shunga Dynasty / शुंग काल

The Shunga Dynasty was established in 185 BC, after 50 years of Ashoka's death, by a Mauryan Army General Pushyamitra Shungas and had its capital in Pataliputra.


  1. Pushyamitra (185-151 BC) 36 years
  2. Agnimitra (151-141 BC) 10 years
  3. Vasujyeshth (141--- BC)
  4. Vasumitra
  5. Bhagabhadra (110--- BC)
  6. Devabhooti (83-73 BC)

Later came the Kanv Dynasty

Pushyamitra, the progenitor of the Shunga dynasty that ruled over the Magadha empire after the Maurya dynasty, took over the throne in after killing the last Mauryan ruler, Brihadratha, under whom he was the army chief. He did so on being disgusted with his ruler's policy of the so-called non-violence that stood in the way of his leading a campaign against the alien invaders who had occupied a big chunk of North-Western India. He after that fought against the invaders and pushed them beyond the natural north-western boundary of the country and performed Asvamedha Yajna on the bank of River Indus ( Sindhu ).

He also performed a grand Ashvamedha Yajna in Pataliputra ( Patna ), the capital city. We find a mention of these Yajnas in a rock-edict of Ayodhya. Thus he re-established the Vaidika-Dharma in India. We find an account of his son, Agnimitra's life in Kalidas's drama Malavikagnimitram.

The period saw a flowering of the visual arts, including small terracotta images, larger stone sculptures, and architectural monuments. For long, Mathura remained a prominent city of Menander's empire.Menander or Milind ruled up to about 145 B.c. Later on, small Indo-Greek and Greek states flourished in Punjab up to the first century of Chistain era. During this period the Shunga dynasty was replaced by the danasty in Magadh. It is said that the last king of Shunga dynasty was of bad character and he was killed by his minister Vasudev.