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Shurpnakha / शूर्पणखा

  • Shurpnakha was a Rakshasi, daughter of Vishrava by his wife Kaikasi and sister of Ravan, Kumbhakarn and Vibhishan.
  • Shurpnakha, while wandering in the forest, came across Ram, Lakshman and Sita, who, being exiled, were residing at Panchvati.
  • On seeing Ram, she fell in love with him. Ram rejected her advances and referred her to Lakshman.Lakshman sent her back to Ram.
  • Enraged at being rejected by both of them, Shurpnakha attacked Sita, upon which Lakshman cut off her nose and ears and sent her scurrying.
  • Shurpnakha went to her cousin brothers Khar and Dushan, who attacked Ram at Panchvati, but were destroyed by the latter.
  • Shurpnakha then repaired to Ravan. She praised the beauty of Sita and thus instigated Ravan into kidnapping Sita, which finally led to the Ram-Ravan battle.
  • Shurpnakha was married to Vidyujjihva and was the mother of a son named Shambhu.


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