Surya Tirth

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Surya Tirth / Surya Ghat / सूर्य तीर्थ

At Surya Tirth, Suryadev, the Sungod, with his twelve different aspects (dvadash-kal), is always absorbed in serving his worshipful deity, Shri Krishna. Because of this, Maharaja Bali, the son of Virochana, worshipped Suryadev here, and was granted his desired result. By taking bath at Surya Tirth on a Sunday, during sankranti [1], or at the time of a solar or lunar eclipse, one achieves the result of performing a Rajasuya Yagya[2], and after liberation attains the abode of the Supreme Lord[3] .A deity of Bali, along with his worshipful deity, Shri Vamandev,resides in a temple nearby.

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  1. period during which the sun or a planet enters into a new zodiac sign.
  2. An elaborate fire sacrifice that establishes one as the emperor of the world
  3. tatah param suryatirtham sarva-papa-vimocanam