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Tadka / ताड़का

  • Tadka was a daughter of the Yaksh Suketu. With the blessing of Brahma, she obtained the strength of a score of elephants.
  • Tadaka was married to the demon Sund and had two sons, Mark and Subahu.
  • Once, Sund invaded the hermitage of the sage Agastya. The latter burnt Sund to ashes with the power of his wrath.
  • Tadaka was furious and attacked the sage, who cursed both her and her sons, to become demons. The demoness Tadaka now ravaged the country around and harassed the sages in the forest.
  • Vishvamitra sought the help of Ram to kill her and the other demons. Ram was reluctant to kill a woman, so when she attacked them Ram cut of her arms and Lakshman her nose, but she used her magical powers and hurled stones at them.
  • Then, at the earnest command of Vishvamitra, Ram killed her with an arrow.


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