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Tripur / त्रिपुर

  • Tripur is the three cities of the demons. After the death of the demon Tarak, the sons of the latter, Tarkaksh, Kamlaksh and Vidyunmali, performed sever penance to obtain the boon of immortality.
  • Brahma refused and so they said that they would like to live in three cities, and with these cities they would like to wander through the three worlds.
  • And once in thousand years, all the three brothers would meet each other at a particular place, along with their cities.
  • And at such a time, the one who should destroy their three cities with one arrow, would be the one who could destroy them.
  • Brahma agreed and granted them the boon. May, the architect of the demons, built three beautiful cities for them.
  • Tarkaksh lived in the golden city, Kamlaksh in the silver and Vidyunmali resided in the iron city. In these three cities, the three brothers travelled to all the three worlds.
  • Hari, the son of Tarkaksh, performed austerities and obtained in a boon from Brahma, a lake, dipped in which, the dead could be made alive.
  • In this way, the Asurs were able to revive their dead and compensate for the heavy losses they usually suffered in a battle with the gods.
  • Thousands of other demons from all over, settled in the cities of these three demons. They then created havoc and drove the gods out of everywhere, disturbed the sages in their sacrifices, etc.
  • Indra tried in vain to kill the three brothers. The gods sought Brahma's help and the latter referred them to Shiv, who promised to slay the foes with half of the united energies of the gods.
  • Shiv began his preparations. Vishvakarma, the architect of the gods, was asked to assemble a chariot. The earth was made the chariot, the sun and the moon its wheels.
  • Four gods were horses to his chariot. Vishnu was the shaft, Agni the arrow-head and Vayu the feather. The mountain Mandar served as the bow-staff and the serpent Vasuki as the bowstring.
  • The other gods, serpents, Gandharvs, etc. installed themselves in the other parts of the chariot.
  • Thus equipped Shiv spent a thousand years in wait. After the completion of this period, the three cities met and united into one.
  • Shiv shot his arrow which split the three cities and burned each of them to ashes, causing their destruction and along with them that of the three demons, Tarkaksh, Kamlaksh and Vidyunmali.