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Vasishtha / वसिष्ठ

  • Vasistha, in Hindu mythology was one of the ten Prajapatis or mind-born sons of Brahma.
  • Vasishth was also one of the sages of the Saptarishis.
  • He had two wives, Arundhati and Urja.
  • Arundhati was the mother of Shakti.
  • By Urja, Vasishth had seven sons, viz. Raj, Gotra, Urdhvabahu, Savan, Anagh, Sutapa and Shukra.
  • On being cursed by king Nimi .Vasishth lost his corporeal form and his soul rushed to Brahma, asking him to give him a body. Brahma told the soul of Vasishth to enter himself in the energies of Mitra and Varun, from which he would be reborn without having to be present in the womb of a woman, hence enabling him to retain his knowledge of the Veds and his spiritual powers.
  • At the sight of the beautiful Apsara Urvashi, the seeds of Mitra and Varun fell from them, some entering the water and some fell in a jar.
  • From the jar was born Agastya and from the water was born Vasishth.
  • Thus was Vasishth reborn as the son of Mitra and Varun.
  • Vasishth had a cow Nandini, which was a cow of plenty. She became the cause of rivalry between the sage Vasishth and king Vishvamitra.
  • Desire to obtain Nandini led to the Vasus being cursed by Vasishth to be born on earth as men.
  • It was Vasishth, who, with his powers, converted the daughter of Manu Vaivasvat into the son Sudyumna.
  • Vasishth also delivered king Kalmashpad from his curse. King Sanvaran obtained back his kingdom after making Vasishth his family priest.
  • Vasishth also arranged for Sanvaran to be married to Tapti, daughter of Surya.
  • Vasishth was also the family priest of king Dashrath.


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