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Vasudev / वसुदेव

  • In Hindu mythology, Vasudeva is the father of Krishna, the son of king Shur by his wife Marisha and brother of Kunti.
  • Vasudev had four wives, viz. Devki, Rohini, Bhadra and Madira.
  • Devki was carried away from her Svayamvar by Shini for Vasudev.
  • Vasudev and Devki had eight sons, six of which were killed by Kans at birth, one, Balram, was transferred to the womb of Rohini and the eighth son born was Krishna who slew Kans.
  • After the destruction of the Yadav race, Vasudev gave himself up to meditation.
  • The Pandav prince Arjun performed the last rites of Vasudev and the latter's four wives joined him on the funeral pyre.