Vayu Purana

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Vayu Purana / वायु पुराण

  • Vayu Purana is one of the main eighteen Puranas.
  • It is related to Shiv.
  • This Puran, containing twenty-four thousand verses and revealed by Vayu, the wind-god, declares the laws of duty and glorifies Shiv.
  • It is divided into four portions. The first portion briefly discusses the elemental creation and the first evolution of beings.
  • The second portion continues on the subject of creation and describes the various Kalps during which the world has existed. Genealogies of the patriarchs and the first six Manvantars, combined with legends and praises of Shiv, and a long account of the Pitris are dealt with in this part of the Puran.
  • The third division discusses the story of the Saptarsihis and their descendants and the origin of the different classes of creatures from the daughters of Daksh, the worship of the Pitris, and the performance of funeral obsequies, which is followed by a full account of the solar and lunar races.
  • The last division depicts the remaining Manvantars, the power of Yog and veneration of the dwelling of Shiv.