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Vibhishan / विभीषण

Vibhishana was the youngest son of Sage Vishrava by his wife Kaikasi and brother of Ravan, Kumbhkarn and Shurpnakha. He was married to Sarma, daughter of the Gandharv Shailush, by whom he had a daughter named Kala. Anil, Anal, Har and Sampati, the sons of May, were his ministers. In order to obtain boons from Brahma, the three brothers, Ravan, Kumbhkarn and Vibhishan performed severe penance. When Brahma asked him to choose a boon, Vibhishan asked that at all times, even in the midst of greatest adversity, he should retain his sense of righteousness and that he would always follow the path of truth, duty and religion. The knowledge of the Brahmastra was also asked for by him. Brahma was immensely pleased and in addition to his wishes, he also granted him immortality. After Ravan defeated Kuber, he established his capital at Lanka, from where he had expelled Kuber. Vibhishan and Kumbhkarn too resided there as his ministers. Ravan used to kidnap many beautiful women and bring them to his palace in Lanka. Once, when Ravan returned from one of such exploits, Vibhishan reminded him of his perverse and wicked conducts and told him that as a result of that, Kumbhinasi was kidnapped by the demon Madhu. Sita being kidnapped by Ravan, Ram sent Hanuman to look for her. The latter crossed the ocean and entered the city of Lanka, and after his talk with Sita, engaged himself in a battle with the demons. He was taken captive to the court of Ravan, where the king almost passed the orders for his death, but was advised against it by Vibhishan. The message of war given by Hanuman led to Ravan calling a meeting of his counsellors. All his ministers agreed on war, only Vibhishan advised him against it and asked him to return Sita and avoid the destruction of the Rakshas race. The following day, Vibhishan entered the palace of his brother and in the presence of his ministers, in soothing speech and measured words, re-minded the king of the evil omens all around and begged him to return Sita to Ram and to avoid the war in which the thousands of their people would be killed.

Ravan was enraged and dismissed his brother. The following day, a huge assembly was arranged, which was at-tended by demon warriors from all over Lanka At this assembly, Vibhishan one last time pleaded with his brother to avoid war. Hearing these words of Vibhishan, Ravan's son Indrajit called him a coward. Indrajit was rebuked by his uncle and finally when Ravan refused to see reason and listen to good advice, he took leave of his brother and deserting his kingdom and family, left, along with his four ministers, to join the forces of Ram. In the beginning, Sugriv and his other ministers advised Ram not to believe him as he was the brother of the enemy. Ram and Hanuman thought otherwise and Ram let Vibhishan join his forces. Ram promised Vibhishan that he would kill Ravan and save Sita. He installed Vibhishan as king of Lanka. On the latter's advice, Ram prayed to the god Varun to help him cross the ocean. It was Vibhishan who spotted and informed Ram about the different spies of Ravan who had mingled among the members of their camp assuming the form of monkeys. During the Ram-Ravan battle he fought bravely and killed many demons. He informed Ram and Lakshman of Indrajit's boon, thus indicating means to bring about Indrajit's end. After the war was over, Vibhishan was crowned king of Lanka. He then joined Ram to Ayodhya and attended the coronation ceremony of Ram. Later, during Ram's Ashvamedh sacrifice, Vibhishan was also invited and was in charge of serving to the needs of the Rishis. When Ram was planning to end his life, Vibhishan went immediately to Ayodhya. Ram advised him to rule justly and forever.


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