Vyomasur Cave

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Vyomasur Cave / व्योमासुर गुफा

Nearby the slide, in the middle of the hill is the cave of Vyomasura. Krishna killed Vyomasura here. This cave is also referred to as Medhavi Muni's cave because Medhavi Muni worshipped Krishna here.
The footprint of Baladev lies nearby, at the foot of the hill. When Shri Krishna was killing Vyomasura, the earth began to tremble. Baladev pressed down on the earth with His foot and thus stabilised it. His footprint can still be seen today. Once, Krishna came to this place while grazing His cows. The forest was filled with green grass, which the cows happily ate. Without any care, Shri Krishna and the sakhas began to play a game of "cops and robbers". Many of the sakhas pretended to be sheep while others pretended to be their keepers. Still others took on the role of thieves and stole the sheep. Krishna played the judge. The owners of the sheep filed a lawsuit with the judge against the thieves. Shri Krishna called both parties before Him and proceeded to consider the case. All the cowherd boys were thus deeply absorbed in their play. Intending to kill Krishna, Vyomasura, one of Kans spies, entered the group disguised as a sakha and became one of the thieves. He stole all the sakhas who were playing the part of sheep and hid them in this cave. Shri Krishna looked around and wondered, "Where have all our sakhas gone?" Recognising Vyomasura as a demon in disguise, He understood that this was his work. He therefore caught him and killed him. Krishna and the sakhas who were playing the sheep's owners then released the other sakhas from the cave in the hill. This pastime has been described in the Tenth Canto of Shrimad Bhagavata.


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