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Yamraj / Yam / यमराज

  • Yamraj is the god of the dead, with whom the spirits of the departed dwell. Yam is also the regent or Dikpal of the southern quarter.
  • He was the son of Surya by his wife Sangya and had a twin-sister named Yami or Yamuna.
  • Once, Sangya, mother of Yam, went to her father's house without informing her husband. She left Chhaya, her maid and look-alike, in charge. One day, when Chhaya showered her own children with love, Yam got angry and kicked her.
  • Chhaya lost her temper and cursed him that his legs would fall off from his body. Yam complained to his father, who realised that Chahya was not Sangya and amended the curse.
  • Yam was married to Dhumorna. He is the god of departed spirits and judge of the dead.
  • A soul, when it quits its mortal form repairs to his abode in the lower regions. Kalichi is the judgement hall of Yam. Here the recorder, Chitragupt, reads out his account from the register called Agrasandhani, and a just sentence follows, when the soul either ascends to the abodes of the Pitris, or is sent to one of the twenty-one hells according to its guilt, or it is born again on earth in another form.
  • Yam has a buffalo for his vehicle and is armed with a mace and noose to secure his victims.
  • Savitri, wife of Satyavan, secured back the life of her husband from Yam. Once, Yam was burnt to ashes by Shiv when he tried to make Markandey his victim.