Yashoda Kund, Nand Gaon

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Yashoda Kund / यशोदा कुण्ड

This Kund is situated south of Nand Bhavan. Mother Yashoda used to daily bathe here. Sometimes, she would bring Krishna and Balram along and joyfully watch Their childhood games. After bathing, Mother Yashoda would pray for Krishna's well-being to Narsimhadev in the temple on the bank of the kund. An ancient cave where many great saints have performed sadhana and attained the Supreme Lord lies at a secluded place near Yashoda und. To this day, this place, where perfected, great personalities have performed their bhajan, attracts sadhakas, who are completely unattached to material life, to come here to perform bhajan. Karoharo Kund lies near Yashoda Kund.

Nand Gaon Kunds
Nand Gaon Kunds

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