Abdul Navi

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Abdul Navi / अब्दुलनवी

Representing Aurangzeb in Mathura was Abdul Navi, a Muslim. He was posted in Mathura from 1660 A.D. to 1669 A.D. He tried hard to convert Braj’s Hindus into Muslims and even tried to destroy their temples. As a result, Hindus rebelled him.

Rebel In Braj

Due to Aurangzeb’s suppression many Hindus revolted against him but a huge resistance was seen in Braj. Villagers near Mahavan rebelled under the leadership of Gokul Singh Jat in 1669. Against Aurangzeb this was the first united revolt by the Hindus. Abdul Navi took a huge army to suppress this revolt. They fought in the Sihora village of Mahavan in which Abdul Navi was killed and the Mughal army retreated. Then the rebellions looted from Sadabad to Agra.