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Aditi / अदिति

• Aditi was king Daksha’s daughter and was married to Sage Kashup. • She is also known as the mother of deities. Mitra-Varuna, Aditya, Rudra, Indra etc are said to be his sons. • If seen according to the modern times, she appears to be the universe with everyone rotating the sun. • The Vedas describe Aditi as boundless. • Puranas describe Aditi to be the sky, air, mother, father, all the deities and humans, the past, present and the future. • Sage Kashyap had two wives – Adii and Diti. • Aditi gave birth to the Devatas (nymphs) and Diti gave birth to Daitya (monsters). • Devaki, Shri Krishna’s mother, is said to be an incarnation of Aditi.