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Banyan Trees of Braj / ब्रज के वट वृक्ष

On their journey through Braj Mandal, pilgrims may be fortunate enough to have darshan of the following prominent banyan trees (vatas):

(1) Vanshivat – Vrindavan
(2) Vanshivat – Bhandirvan
(3) Sanketvat
(4) Bhandirvat
(5) Javat
(6) Shrivat
(7) Jatajutavat
(8) Kamavat
(9) Manoramavat
(10) Asavat
(11) Ashokavat
(12) Kelivat
(13) Brahmavat
(14) Rudravat
(15) Shridharavat
(16) Savitrivat