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Gahvaravan / गह्वरवन

Gahvara means "deep", "dense", "inaccessible" and "secret". True to its name, this place is a dense forest thick with trees, creepers, groves (keli-kunjas) and Priya-Priyatama's sweet and intimate pastimes near of Barsana. It is shaped like a conch. Situated here is a sitting-place (baithaka) of Vallabhacharya, where he recited Shrimad Bhagavata, Radha-sarovar and a ras-mandal. Here, one can also see the places where many bhaktas performed their bhajan.[1] One famous devotee, Nagari Dasa, has described the pastimes of this place in his songs. For instance, the following pastime took place here one day, when Shri Krishna was out grazing the cows with His sakhas:[2]

"Nearby in a field, green chickpea plants were growing. Upon seeing them, Shri Krishna together with His sakhas broke off some plants. The woman taking care of the field came to know of this and ran to catch them, but Kanhaiya was too swift. Keeping the plants under His arm, He ran very fast through crooked paths and finally came to a stop in Gahvaravan, where He roasted the green chickpeas and ate them with His sakhas. While they were laughing and enjoying eating roasted chickpeas, the cowherd woman arrived at that spot, but upon seeing the splendour of Krishna's beauty, she forgot the incident and her anger was pacified. Due to absorption in motherly love, she began shelling the peas and personally fed Kanhaiya."


  1. gahvarakhyaya ramyaya Krishna-lila vidhayine
    gopi-raman saukhydya vanaya ca namo namah ---Brihan Naradiya Purana
  2. caksaulike chana churaye
    gari de douri" rakhvarin gvarin sahit gupal bhagaye
    hare but dabe baglin meim svas bhare van gahvar aye
    kahat attire bol lol drg hathsat-harhsat sab baron cadhaye
    hare cabat, kou hora kari, van ki lila tat lubhaye
    nagariya baithi chaki hart chil-chil nandalalahim khvaye

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