Kole Ghat

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Kole Ghat / कोलेघाट

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  • Kole-Ghat is situated across the Yamuna from Brahmand Ghat, towards Mathura.
  • Shri Vasudev, along with the newborn baby Krishna, crossed the Yamuna here on his way to Nand-bhavan in Gokul.
  • When he was half way across, the Yamuna rose up so that she could touch Shri Krishna's feet.
  • Vasudev held Krishna higher. When the water reached Vasudev's neck, he became perplexed and anxious for the child's protection.
  • He cried out, "Ko leve? – Who will save Him?" Vajranabh therefore named this ghat Kole-ghat, which is derived from the phrase ko leve.
  • Seeing the level of the Yamuna rise, baby Krishna touched Yamuna-devi's lap (kola) with His lotus feet, and at once the Yamuna's waters began to recede. The Yamuna's shifting waters created an island, which became the location of Kolegaon.
  • Uthaleshwar and Pandeshwar Mahadev are situated on the bank of Kole-Ghat.