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Mana Garh / मान गढ़

  • Mana Garh is a very attractive place on top of Brahmachalparvat. Radhika displayed mana, or a sulky mood, here, but rasika Krishna very skilfully broke it.


  • One day, Shri Krishna sent a message to Radhika through Subala, who is one of His priya-narma-sakhas, and through Vrindadevi that They should meet at a certain time. Krishna was on His way when He suddenly met Padma, Chandravali's friend. Padma described Shrimati Chandravali's state of separation from Him and repeatedly requested Him to meet with her. Shri Krishna could not ignore her plea, and went to Chandravali's kunja for what He intended to be a short time.
  • However, He became so absorbed in sweet talks and playful pastimes with Chandravali that He forgot everything else, and the time for the arranged meeting with Radhika elapsed. Meanwhile, one of Radhika's well-trained female parrots (saris) arrived on a tree in the same kunja. The parrot returned to Radhika and told Her all the details of Shri Krishna and Chandravali's sweet conversations and playful pastimes.
  • Radhika became deeply distressed and went into a mana that was very difficult to break. Within Her heart, She firmly resolved that She had no need for such an insolent Krishna so when Shri Krishna finally arrived, long after the appointed meeting time, Radhaji turned Her face away from Him. Seeing Her unwavering mana, Shri Krishna tried to appease Her through all kinds of means and tricks, but Her mana would not break.
  • Becoming hopeless and feeling sad, Krishna left that place. On the road He met Vishakha, who advised Him to disguise Himself as a new sakhi playing a vina. He went to Radhika together with Vishakha, who introduced this new sakhi as Shyama Sakhi. Vishakha profusely praised Soma Sakhi's ability to play the vina and sing, as well as all Her other skills. Radhika seated this new sakhi next to Her with great honour and respect.
  • Upon hearing Her exceptional singing, She became filled with delight and embraced Her. Radhika recognised Her beloved merely by His touch; and as soon as She had done so, Her mana was broken. Surrounded by Her friends, She now became absorbed in beautiful pastimes with the beloved of Her life.[1]

In Mana-garh, one can also have darshan of Man Mandir, a swing, a ras-mandal and Ratnakar-sarovar. Just near Mana-garh to the south is the village of Manapura, which reminds one of all these pastimes.


  1. deva gandharva ramyaya radha mana-bidhayine
    mana-Mandir sanjnaya namaste ratna-bhumaye --- Adi Varah Purana

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