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Mayur Kuti / मयूर कुटी

Mayur Kuti is situated on the top of Brahmachal-parvat. Here, one can have darshan of the ras-mandal where Radhika and Krishna danced in the form of a peacock (mayur) and peahen.


Once, Radha and Krishna came to this place together with the sakhis. Upon seeing them, the peacocks became overjoyed with ecstasy and began to dance. Clouds gathered in the sky, and a light shower of rain fell. Nature had decorated herself fully, as if she was a beautiful and charming young woman. Radha and Krishna could not check Their feelings. Taking the form of a peacock and peahen, They danced in an astonishing way along with the circle of peacocks and peahens. All the sakhis were astounded to see Their skilful dancing. They began to sing different kinds of ragas, like malhara, which increased Radha and Krishna's pleasure.[1]


  1. kiritine namastubhyam Mayur priya-vallabha
    suramyayai mahakutyai sikhandi padavesmane
    namah sakhi sametaya radha-Krishnaya te namah
    vimalotsava devaya Braj-mangal-hetave --- Adi Varah Purana

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