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Rukmani / रुक्मिणी

  • Rukmani was a daughter of Bhishmak, king of Vidarbh, and sister of Rukmi.
  • Rukmani had fallen in love with Krishna, but her brother Rukmi was a friend of Kans, who had been killed by Krishna, and therefore opposed the marriage.
  • Against Rukmini's will, he arranged for her to be married to Shishupal, king of Chedi.
  • Rukmani panicked and sent a messenger to Krishna, and told him that she would be visiting the temple, early in the morning on the day of the marriage, before the wedding ceremonies took place.
  • Krishna and Balram both came with an army and the former took her in his carriage and made on his way to Dwarka.
  • Rukmi and Shishupal pursued the eloped couple, but were defeated by Krishna and Balram.
  • Krishna then returned to Dwarka with Rukmani, where he married her.
  • She was one of the principal eight wives and the mother of Pradyumn and nine other sons.
  • They also had one daughter named Charumati.
  • At Krishna's death she immolated herself on his funeral pyre.