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Sagar / सगर

  • Sagar was a king of the solar dynasty, son of king Asit by his wife Kalindi.
  • King Asit had no children for long, and finally when one of his queens, Kalindi, conceived, a rival wife, being jealous, administered poison to her, as a result of which the child was confined to the womb for a long time.
  • When Asit was driven out of his kingdom Ayodhya by the Haihays, he took refuge in the forest in the hermitage of sage Aurv along with his wives.
  • Here Asit died of old age and when the pregnant queen decided to burn herself on his funeral pyre, she was stopped by the sage Aurv, who told her that she would soon give birth to a valiant son.
  • The son that was born was named Sagar by the sage Aurv. The latter taught the young boy the Veds, etc.
  • When Sagar grew up and learnt of his family history, he decided to regain his kingdom and vowed destroy the Haihays.
  • He obtained the blessings of sage Aurv, and left for Ayodhya, and in a fierce battle drove the Haihays out of his kingdom.
  • Sagar became king and took two queens, Keshini and Sumati. But he too had no children, and therefore performed penance.
  • The sage Bhrigu, pleased with his austerities, blessed Sagar that one of his wives would get only one son, and the other sixty-thousand sons.