Samudra Manthan

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Samudra Manthan / समुद्र मंथन

  • Samudra Manthan is churning of the ocean. As the Samudramanthan proceeded, fire was produced due to the friction, which Indra extinguished by descending showers.
  • The water of the ocean turned into milk and from the milk, clarified butter floated up. Then the gods, weary with the long churning, sought Vishnu's help, who granted them, the Asurs and all engaged in the task enough energy to complete the Samudramanthan.
  • Revived with strength, they once more began to stir the milk of the ocean. The churning of the ocean, now brought forth the moon.
  • Thereafter, Lakshmi dressed in white, then Surd, the goddess of wine, and then the horse Uchchaihshrava and the jewel Kaustubh.
  • They followed the path to where the gods were standing. Then arose the divine Dhanvantari with a bowl of nectar in his hands.
  • He was followed by the elephant Airavat. The churning went on and poison appeared and began to spread over the earth.
  • Shiv, solicited by Brahma, to save the creation, swallowed the poison and held it in his throat.
  • Apsaras, Kaamdhenu and Kalpvriksh were also produced from the churning of the waters.
  • Finally rose the nectar of immortality. The emergence of the nectar caused the sons of Aditi to fight the sons of Diti for its possession.
  • A fearful struggle took place. Then Vishnu assumed the form of Mohini, a charming woman, and coquetted with the Asurs.
  • Ravished by her charm, the Daitya (Daemon)s placed the nectar in the hands of Mohini. The gods were then fed the nectar by Vishnu.
  • Strengthened by the nectar, the gods continued their fights with the Asurs, who were defeated.