Shakat Bhanjan Sthan

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Shakat Bhanjan Sthan / शकटभंजन स्थल

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  • The place where the cart was broken- Once, Krishna was sleeping in a cradle under a cart while Mother Yashoda busied herself with His birthday ceremony.
  • Just then, an invisible demon who was sent by Kansa entered that cart and began to press it down with the intention of crushing and killing Krishna. The naughty baby Krishna, however, made a joyous cry and, with a kick of His foot, easily killed that demon.
  • The cart collapsed and the pots that were filled with milk, yoghurt, butter and other ingredients shattered to pieces. Hearing the baby's cry, Mother Yashoda rushed to the scene and became struck with wonder.
  • When she saw that her Krishna was safe, she called for the brahmanas and donated many cows to them in charity. The brahmanas bathed Krishna using the urine and dung of a black cow and recited Vedic mantras for His protection.
  • To this day, the memories of this pastime remain present at this place. In his previous life, Shakatasur was the son of the demon Hiranyaksha. His name in that life was Utkacha and he was also a demon.
  • Once, he trampled on and destroyed the lush, green trees and creepers in the sage Lomasha's hermitage. The sage, filled with anger, cursed him, saying, "Villain, may you become bodiless!" Hearing this, Utkacha fell at the lotus feet of the sage begging forgiveness.
  • The sage said, "You will be liberated by the touch of Krishna's lotus feet during the reign of Vaivaswat Manu." That same demon was concealed within the cart and tried to crush Krishna, but by the touch of Bhagvan Shri Krishna's lotus feet, he became liberated.
  • This pastime is described in Shrimad-Bhagavata (Tenth Canto, Chapter Seven).