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Sukanya / सुकन्या

  • Sukanya was the only daughter of king Sharyati. She was married to the sage Chyavana and bore him a son named Pramati.
  • Once, Sharyati went with his wife and children to the forest. Sukanya and her friends wandering about, came across sage Chyavan who had been enveloped by an anthill while performing penance.
  • Sukanya did not know that Chyavan was in the anthill, and when she saw his eyes glowing through the anthill, she pierced them, out of curiosity, with a thorn.
  • When she saw the anthill bleeding she ran with fear and did not mention it to anyone. Soon the people of Sharyati's kingdom started suffering from disease.
  • When Sharyati learnt of the cause of the distress, he went to the sage to ask his forgiveness, but the now blinded Chyavan granted pardon only after Sharyati had bestowed Sukanya upon him. Sharyati left the hermitage and Sukanya remained behind. Sukanya served her husband dutifully.
  • One day, while she was bathing in the lake, the Ashvinikumars saw her and, delighted by her beauty, asked her to forsake Chyavan and choose one of them for her husband. When Sukanya refused to leave her old and blind husband, the celestial physicians of the gods told her that they would make her husband young and graceful and then she could select one of them, the Ashvinikumars and Chyavan, as her partner.
  • Sukanya went to her husband and related to him what the twin gods had said. Chyavan agreed and she took him to the lake. Having arrived there, the Ashvinikumars asked Chyavan to enter the water. The Ashvinikumars also sank into the water and the next moment they all came out of the lake young and in beautiful forms.
  • They all possessed the same appearance and addressing Sukanya, asked her to select one of them as her husband. Finding, however, all of them similar in appearance, she contemplated and, at last, ascertaining the identity of Chyavan, she selected him.