Vrinda Devi And Govind Dev (Kamyavan)

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Vrinda Devi And Govind Dev / वृन्दादेवी और गोविन्ददेव

This is Kamyavan's most famous temple.Darshan of Vrinda devi is rare in Braj Mandal, but here one can have her special darshan. Radha-Govind dev are also residing here. Nearby is Vishnu Simhasana, or the throne of Krishna. Close by is Charan Kund, where the lotus feet of the Divine Couple Radha Govind were bathed. After Rupa, Sanatana and the other Goswamis left this world, the narrow-minded Mughal emperor Aurangzeb destroyed the famous temples of Vrindavan, Mathura and other locations in Braj. At that time, the Maharaja of Jaipur, who was a great devotee, brought the famous deities of Braj to Jaipur. These included Govind, Gopinath, Radha-Damodar and Radha-Madhav. On his way, he rested for some days in Kamyavan. The deities were taken from the chariots and kept at various locations where regular services to Them were performed, such as bathing, offering bhog and putting Them to rest. They were later carried to Jaipur and other places. Eventually, large temples were constructed at the places where the deities of Radha-Govind, Radha-Gopinath and Radha-Madan-mohan had stayed in Kamyavan, and pratibhu-vigrahas of the original deities were installed there. Vrinda-devi came as far as Kamyavan, but she did not leave Braj to go further. There is thus a special darshan of Vrinda-devi here. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates, like Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis, re-established the lost pastime places of Braj Mandal. Before their arrival in Braj, Kamyavan was considered to be Vrindavan. However, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu established the place situated near Mathura as Dham Vrindavan. It is impossible for Yamuna ji, Chir Ghat, Nidhivan, Kaliya-dah, Keshi Ghat, Sevakunj, Rasa Sthali Vanshivat and Gopeshwar Mahadev to be situated in Kamyavan. Therefore, that place where the pastime places like Vimal-kund, Kamesvara Mahadev, Charana Pahadi, Setubandh Rameshvar and others are present is Kamyavan, and it is without doubt separate from Vrindavan. Vrinda-devi resides in Vrindavan only. She is the presiding deity of the groves of Vrindavan and of the pastimes of the Divine Couple in those groves. Therefore, she now resides in Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Matha in Dham Vrindavan, where she grants her divine darshan. In the vicinity of the Govind dev Temple, one can have darshan of places like Garudaji, Chandrabhasa Kund, Chandreshvara Mahadev, Varaha Kund, Varaha Kupa, Yajna Kund and Dharm Kund.


Places in Kamyavan

Vyomasur Cave · Vrinda Devi And Govind Dev (Kamyavan)·Vrinda Devi And Govind Dev Temple‎ · Prabodhanand Saraswati‎ · Setubandh Sarovar · Phisalani Shila · Charan Pahadi · Bhojan Thali

Kunds Of Kamyavan

Vimal Kund · Yasodhara Kund‎ · Vihval Kund‎ · Manokamana Kund · Narad Kund‎ · Luk Luki Kund · Dharm Kund‎

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