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Vrishabhanu Kund / वृषभानु कुण्ड

  • Vrishabhanu Kund is situated east of the village of Barsana. Maharaja Vrishabhanu bathed in this kund every morning.
  • He would also chant his daily mantras and perform other morning duties here. It has been described that in a different era Maharaja Vrishabhanu found Radhika in this kund while bathing.
  • She was a newly-born baby girl playing on a lotus flower in the water. This charming kund is surrounded on all sides by jiyala trees.
  • Sometimes, Radhika would bathe here and enjoy water sports together with Her sakhis. Rasika Vrajendra-nandan Shri Krishna would also bathe here, but at another ghat.
  • He would then dive under the water, catch hold of the gopis feet, and again emerge on His side of the pond.
  • Sometimes, Nand-nandan Shri Krishna would also sport with these gopis in the water and also play hide and seek.
  • This kund is named after Maharaja Vrishabhanu.

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