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Yajurved / यजुर्वेद

  • Yajurved is the third of the four Vedas, which is considered to be the sacrificial prayer-book.
  • The verses are borrowed largely from the Rigveda, but have been rearranged for sacrificial purposes.
  • The Yajurved is divided into two distinct collection of texts, the Taittiriya and Vajasneyi Sanhitas.
  • In the former, the Sanhita and Brahman portions are confused, while in the latter, the Sanhita is distinct from the Brahman.
  • The order of sacrifices, however, in both recensions is similar. The Yajurved was first taught by Vyas to Vaishampayan, who later taught it to his twenty-seven pupils.
  • Once, Vaishampayan, on being offended with his disciple Yagyavalkya, bade him to disgorge the Ved committed to him, which he did in a tangible form, where-upon, the other disciples of Vaishampayan being commanded to pick it up, took the form of partridges and swallowed the soiled texts.
  • Yagyavalkya propitiated Surya, the sun-god, who appeared to him in the form of a horse, and handed to him new and fresh texts of the Yajurved, which were not known to his preceptor.
  • These new verses were known as Vajasneyi.