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Cheer Ghat / Chir Ghat / चीर घाट

Cheer Ghat, Vrindavan, Mathura
  • There is an ancient kadamba tree on the bank of the Yamuna in Vrindavan where Krishna stole the clothes of the young gopis who were bathing here after having completed their Katyayani-vrat.
  • These young, unmarried girls of Braj were daily bathing in Yamuna at brahma-muhurta, the early hours before dawn.
  • They would make a deity of Katyayani (Yogmaya) out of sand and worship her on the bank of the Yamuna while reciting the following mantra:[1] "O goddess Katyayani, O Maha-maya, O Maha-yogini, O mighty controller of all, please make the son of Nand Maharaja my husband. I offer my respects unto you."
  • At the end of the vrata, Krishna Himself arrived there and on the excuse of stealing their clothes bestowed upon them their desired boon:Your hearts desires will be fulfilled on the night of the next Sharad Purnima.
  • Near Shergarh is another place which is famous as Chir-Ghat. A kadamba tree also stands there. There is no doubt that both these places are Chir-Ghat.
  • The same pastime takes place in different eras (kalpa-bheda), and therefore it can occur in more than one place.



  1. Katyayani maha-maye maha-yoginy adhisvari
    nanda-gopa-sutam devi patim me kuru te namah ---Shrimad Bhagavata (10.22.4)