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Kans Qila / Kans Kila / कंस किला

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Kans Qila, Mathura
  • Kans Kila was the residence or palace of Kansa.
  • It is situated near of Saraswati Patan Tirth (Krishna Ganga Ghat) and Som Tirth (Gau-ghat).
  • The ruins that lie here today bear testimony to this.
  • Between Kans Qila and Vasudev Ghat (near Swami Ghat) are Brahma Ghat, Vaikuntha Ghat and Dharapatan.
  • Then, after Asikund and Manikarnika Ghat is Vishram Ghat, which completes the ten-miles parikrama of Mathura
  • It was rebuilt by Raja Man Singh of Amber in late 16th century. At a later period it was the occasional residence of Man Singh's still more famous successor on the throne of Amber, the great astronomer Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. He built an observatory here. The whole of the Mathura observatory has now disappeared.