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Surya / सूर्य

  • Surya is the sun-god. He is said to be one of the twelve Adityas, a son of Kashyap by his wife Aditi.
  • But references to him are not very precise, as very often all the twelve names of the Adityas are used as synonyms of Surya.
  • Certain sources say that the Adityas are the twelve forms of Surya. Surya was married to Sangya, daughter of Vishvakarma and had by her two sons, Vaivasvat and Yam and a daughter named Yami.
  • By Chhaya he also had two sons, Shani and Savarni and a daughter named Tapti. The Ashvinikumars, Revant and Bhaya were born to him of Sangya when she assumed the form of a mare.
  • Surya also had other sons. He begot Karn on Kunti. Sugriv, the monkey-king was his son by Aruni.
  • Surya moves through the sky in a chariot drawn by seven horses. Arun is his charioteer.