Tughlaq Dynasty

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Tughlaq Dynasty / तुग़लक वंश

The Tughlaq Dynasty of north India started in 1321 in Delhi when Ghazi Tughlaq assumed the throne under the title of Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq. The Tughluqs were a Muslim family of Turkic origin. Their rule relied on their alliances with Turkic, Afghan, and other Muslim warriors from outside South Asia. The empire grew under his son and successor Muhammad bin Tughlaq, but the latter became notorious for ill-advised policy experiments such as shifting the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and introducing copper coins without effective regulation against forgery. It can be argued however that he is the classic example of a "man before his time", so to speak. Tughluqi has as a result become synonym for brilliant if stubborn eccentricity in the Hindustani language. After Muhammad bin Tughlaq his cousin Feroz Shah Tughlaq assumed the throne. He was somewhat weak militarily mainly because of inept army. After Feroz died in 1388, the Tughlaq dynasty started to fade out and there were no able leaders; the dynasty was almost over within 10 years.

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