Dirgha Vishnu Temple

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Dirgha Vishnu Temple / दीर्घ विष्णु मन्दिर

Dirgh Vishnu Temple, Mathura
  • The temple of Dirgha Vishnu lies close to Bharatpur Gate, Mathura.
  • When Krishna, Baldev and Their cowherd friends were proceeding to Kansa's wrestling arena, Shridham and other sakhas asked Krishna, "Friend, are You going to the wrestling arena? Your body is small and tender. How will You kill the mighty Kansa?"
  • Shri Krishna then displayed His huge (dirgha) form, carrying a conch shell, disk, club and lotus flower.
  • Thus, the sakhas were convinced that their Kanhaiya could do anything by the mercy of Narayan, and that Narayan sometimes manifested through Him.
  • Happily, they danced towards the wrestling arena with Shri Krishna.

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