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Durvasa / दुर्वासा

  • Durvasa is an ancient sage, son of Attri by his wife Anusuya.
  • He is said to be an incarnation of Shiv. He was known for his short-temper and terrible curses. On a visit to sage Kanva, Durvasa cursed Shakuntala.
  • Being questioned by king Dashrath, Durvasa foretold the pains and burdens that Ram would have to face in his life. When Ram was having his conversation with Time, Durvasa arrived at Ram's palace and demanded to speak to him. Lakshman, who had been instructed not to disturb the private conversation, offered to serve Durvasa himself, but the sage threatened to curse the whole solar race if he could not speak to Ram. Knowing that he would be punished by death for disturbing the conversation, Lakshman decided to accept the punishment rather than have their complete race cursed. When Ram presented himself before Durvasa, the sage told him that he had just completed a fast of a thousand years and he wanted something to eat. After Ram had fed him, Durvasa blessed him and returned to his hermitage.
  • Once,when Durvasa was a guest of Krishna, he put Krishna and Rukmani to test. He first asked for some rice and milk and after eating some, he asked Krishna to smear his whole body with the remaining rice and milk. Krishna did so, leaving out the soles of his feet. Durvasa pleased granted him the boon that he would be invulnerable and would not obtain death through any part of the body that had been smeared with the rice and milk.
  • When Durvasa went to see the king Kuntibhoj, his adopted daughter Kunti, served the sage well, upon which he taught her five Mantras with which she could invoke any god she liked and obtain his children. With the help of this boon were later born Karna and the five Pandavas. On his visit to Hastinapur, while the Pandavs were in exile, Duryodhan pleased him with his service, knowing well the sage's temper.
  • At Duryodhan's request he visited the Pandavs at the time when Duryodhan knew that the Pandavs would have no food left to feed him and his disciples. Caught by surprise, the Pandavs were worried, because they too knew how dreadful Durvasa's curses could be. While the sage and his disciples were bathing at the river, Draupadi prayed to Krishna, who came to her assistance and ate the grain of rice which had stuck to the bottom of the Akshaypatra. This created a feeling of satiety among Durvasa and his disciples, and fearing to offend the Pandavs, who had the friendship and support of Krishna, the sages exited quickly.