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Lakshman / लक्ष्मण

One of the four sons of king Dashrath by his wife Sumitra, brother of Shatrughna and half-brother of Ram, to whom he was faithfully attached throughout all his vicissitudes. Lakshman was married to Urmila, whom he left behind at Ayodhya when he followed Ram to the forest. When Lakshman heard Kaikeyi's plans to send Ram to exile and install Bharat on the throne, he wanted to fight and kill anybody who would stand in the way of Ram's coronation. If the need arose to kill the king, his father, he would have done so. After a lot of persuasion, Ram managed to cool him down. In the forest, where he followed his brother like a shadow, he helped Ram kill many demons. When Ram, Lakshman and Sita returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravan, Ram was crowned king and Lakshman helped him in his duties. Lakshman had two sons by Urmila, viz. Angad and Chandraketu. One day, when the people started questioning Sita's chastity, Lakshman was en-trusted with the task of leaving Sita in the for-est. Lakshman was in charge of the sacrificial horse of the Ashvamedha sacrifice performed by Ram. One day, a meeting with a Brahman, who insisted on seeing Ram privately, and said that anybody who witnessed it, would have to be put to death. Lakshman was installed outside the door to make sure no one entered. At that moment, arrived the sage Durvasa, who too insisted on seeing Ram or cursing the whole solar race. Finally, having no other option, Lakshman entered the room, well-knowing the consequences. After Durvasa was appeased, Lakshman went to the grief-stricken Ram, consoled him and asked him to abandon him. On being abandoned by Ram, Lakshman went to the Saryu river and drowned himself.


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