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Kapil / कपिल

  • Kapil was a sage, the son of Rishi Kardam by his wife Devhuti.
  • He was one of the twenty-four incarnations of Vishnu.
  • Kapil was also the founder of the Sankhya system of philosophy.
  • After the death of his father, Kapil, instructed his mother in the Kapil Shastra, whereby she attained salvation.
  • Once, the sixty thousand sons of king Sagar came to Patal (under water world) looking for the horse of the Ashvamedh sacrifice which was stolen by Indra. When they reached the nether world they saw Kapil deep in penance and the horse grazing nearby. Thinking that he was the thief, they created a hue and cry. Kapil, angry at being disturbed, burnt them to ashes with the fire of his wrath.