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Marichi / मरीचि

  • Among the ten sons of Brahma, Marichi was formed from his eye. He was the son-in-law of Daksha and brother-in-law of Shankar. His wife was, Daksha’s daughter, Sambhuti. In Bhagwat, his wives’ names are Kardamkanya Kalaa and Urna. He also insulted Shankar in Dakhsha’s Yagya (sacrifice). Angry Shankar burnt him to ashes.
  • He is considered an intellect in religious and social laws and examples of his opinions are found in many ancient scripts. In reference to real estates, Marichi said that the buy and sale, charity, or the partition of the property should be dealt in written.
  • According to Marichi, mental illness is of four kinds: usable, hidden, obvious and unknown.