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Vimal Kund / विमल कुण्ड

Vimal Kund, Kamyavan

This famous pond is situated about four-hundred metres south-west of the village of Kama. The following deities preside around Vimal-kund in this order: (1) Dauji, (2) Suryadev, (3) Nilakanthesvar Mahadev, (4) Govardhan Nath, (5) Madan Mohan and Kamyavan Bihari, (6) Vimala Bihari, (7) Vimal Devi, (8) shri Murali Manohar, (9) Bhagavati Ganga and (10) Gopalaji.
According to the Garga Samhita, in ancient times a glorious king named Vimala lived in Champaka Nagari in the country of Sindhu. At first, none of his six thousand queens bore him any children, but, by the mercy of Yagyavalkya Rishi, many beautiful girls took birth from the wombs of those queens. In their previous births, all these girls had been the women of Janakapuri who had desired to obtain Shri Ramachandra as their husband. The girls who took birth in King Vimala's home eventually reached a marriageable age. On the advice of Maharisi Yagyavalkya, the king sent his emissary to Mathura to search for Shri Krishna, whom he deemed to be the suitable husband for his daughters. While on his way, the emissary was fortunate to meet Grandfather Bhisma, who sent him to Vrindavan, since shri Krishna was there at that time. Upon arriving in Vrindavana, the royal emissary gave shri Krishna King Vimala's letter of invitation, which requested Krishna to come to Champaka Nagari to marry the princesses. After receiving Maharaja Vimala's invitation, Krishna went to Champaka Nagari and brought the princesses back with Him to this pleasing Kamyavan, situated within Braj Mandal. He assumed as many forms as there were princesses and accepted them all. He performed rasa and other playful pastimes with these teenage girls, thus fulfilling their long-cherished desire. The tears of happiness that flowed from their eyes filled a pond, which became known as Vimal Kund.
By bathing in this kund, all kinds of desires – both worldly and transcendental – are fulfilled and one's heart becomes pure and instilled with Braj-bhakti. It is generally said that all the holy places of the universe come to Braj during Chaturmasya. Once, Tirtharaja Pushkara did not to come. Shri Krishna remembered Yogamaya, and merely by His recollection, a very strong current of water shot out of the earth. Astonishingly, a supremely beautiful and completely pure kishori appeared from that sacred current, and Shri Krishna sported with that beautiful kishori in those waters. The kishori completely satisfied the supremely rasika Shri Krishna with her beauty and pure, loving service and He gave her a boon: "From today you will be known as Vimala Devi, and this kund will be named after you. By bathing in this kund, one will receive seven times the pious merit of bathing in Tirtharaja Puskkara." Since then, this pond has become known as Vimala Kund. Many great sages have resided on the bank of this kund to obtain krishna-bhakti. It is well known that Maharishii Durvasa and the Pandavs resided here. Every pilgrim or group of pilgrims performing Braj Mandal parikrama stays at Vimala Kund and begins parikrama of Kamyavan from here only.


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