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Ambarish Tila / अम्बरीष टीला

  • On the right hand side, near the confluence of the Sarasvati and Yamuna, is Ambarish Tila. In Satya Yug, Maharaja Ambarish was the sole emperor of this world, which consists of seven islands. He was an unalloyed devotee of the Supreme Lord and engaged all his senses in following the various limbs of bhakti.
  • With his mind, he would meditate upon Shri Krishna's pastimes. With his voice, he would chant the names of the Lord and glorify His various pastimes. With his hands, he would clean the temple of Bhagvan.
  • He would engage his ears in hearing about the pastimes of the Lord. He would engage his eyes in taking darshan of Shri Mukund's temples. He would engage his nose in smelling the garlands, sandalwood paste and other articles that had been offered at the lotus feet of Bhagvan.
  • He would honour the prasad offered to the Supreme Lord by tasting it with his tongue, and with his legs he would circumambulate the Supreme Lord's dhama, the Tulsi plant, His temples and so on. He would also observe Ekadashi and other fasts on days related to Hari.


Once, while residing at this place in Mathura, Maharaja Ambarish observed the vow of Ekadashi for one year by fasting without water (nirjala). On Dvadashi, there was only a short time after sunrise in which it was auspicious to break his fast. Maharaja Ambarish worshipped Bhagvan and was just about to take grains that had been offered to the Supreme Lord, when Maharishi Durvasa arrived. With great respect, the king invited the sage to join him. The maharishi said, "I accept your invitation, but I first need to finish my daily duties. I will go to the bank of the Yamuna; please wait until I return." Saying this, the sage went to the Yamuna. However, Maharishi Durvasa's return was slightly delayed, and the auspicious time was about to pass. After consulting with the brahmanas and his ministers, Maharaja Ambarish took a drop of the water that washed the Supreme Lord's feet in order to protect his fast.When Maharishi Durvasa returned, he was furious, knowing well that Maharaja Ambarish had broken the fast without him.
He pulled a matted lock of hair from his head and transformed it into a fiery demoness called Kritya, who was ready to burn Ambarish to ashes. However, Maharaja Ambarish simply stood there fearlessly with folded hands. The Sudarshan chakra, the protector of the devotees, immediately appeared and burnt Kritya to ashes. Sudarshan chakra then leapt towards Maharishi Durvasa, who swiftly ran everywhere to save his life. He fled to Bhuh, Bhuvah, Svah and other planetary systems. He even went to Brahmalok and Shivalok, but no one in those places could save him. Wherever he went, he saw the frightening Sudarshan chakra pursuing him. Finally, Maharishi Durvasa came to Narayan in Vaikunthalok and desperately cried out: "Help, save me, protect me!" Bhagvan Shri Narayan said, "I am under the control of My devotees. I am their heart and they are My heart. How can I forsake those who have taken My shelter, having left everything – their home, wife, sons, family and wealth? You should at once return to Ambarish and plead for forgiveness. Sudarshan chakra can be pacified by his prayer only, and not by any other means." For one full year, the great devotee Ambarish Maharaja remained standing there, waiting for Durvasa and praying for the sage's welfare. Upon returning from Vaikuntha, the perturbed Durvasa begged Maharaja Ambarish for his life. Ambarish Maharaja pacified Sudarshan chakra by offering prayers to him and then satisfied the sage by respectfully presenting him an array of delicious preparations. Durvasa became astonished to witness the glories of Maharaja Ambarish and said, "Aah, today I have realised the unprecedented glories of Bhagvan Anantadev's devotees. I greatly offended Ambarish Maharaja, but still he always desires nothing but my welfare. This is only possible for the devotees of the Supreme Lord."
This pastime took place here. To this day, Ambarish Tila. stands as witness to the glories of the devotee Ambarish . Nearby, towards the Yamuna, is Chakra Tirth, where Maharaja Ambarish pacified the chakra by offering various prayers.