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Nand Bhavan / Nand Residence / नन्दभवन

To the south, adjacent to Nandisvar Hill, are a few ruins of the staircase of Nand Bhavan, Nand Gaon. Nand's residence here was extensive, with separate bedrooms for everyone including Nand Baba, Mother Yashoda, Mother Rohini, Krishna and Baldev. It had a kitchen, store-room and dining hall, as well as resting-rooms and other rooms for Radhika and Krishna. Here, Krishna and Baldev performed many of Their childhood, boyhood and youth pastimes. Daily, at forenoon, Radhika used to come here from Javat with Her sakhis on the zealous and loving requests of Mother Yashoda, and with great delight, She would prepare many tasty foodstuffs for Krishna together with Mother Rohini. Krishna used to eat with His sakhas in the adjacent large dining-hall and then rest in the bedroom situated one hundred steps from the dining-hall.
The compound of Nand Bhavan is immense and holds many delightful pastime places. Shri Raghupati Upadhyay glorifies Nand Baba and this compound in very sweet words:

rutim apare smrtim itare bharatam anye bhajantu bhava-bhitah
aham iha nandam. vande yasyalinde param brahma ---Padyavali (126)

"Those who are afraid of the perplexities of worldly life worship the Srutis and Smrtis, and others may worship the Mahabharat. Let them do so. I myself will always worship Nand , in whose courtyard the Supreme Absolute Truth is crawling here and there on His knees."

Pastime Places Within The Compound of Nand Bhavan

Radhika's resting place

This is Radhika's resting place. After completing Her cooking, Radhika would, on the request of Mother Yashoda, take prasad mixed with the remnants of Krishna that Dhanistha Sakhi would bring. Mother Yashoda then invited Her to take rest in this garden. At that time, the sakhis used to arrange for Her secret meeting with Krishna. This place is called Radha baag, Radha's garden.

The path to the forest

Every day, Mother Yashoda used to decorate balram and Krishna in different ways, thus preparing Them to go to the forest to graze the cows. She would send Them and the sakhas off from here with a heavy heart.

The path to go cow grazing

Rama and Krishna, the best of dancers, traversed this path along with Their friends to go cow grazing.

The place where Radhika was bidden farewell

Here, Mother Yashoda used to put Radha on her lap before seeing Her off to Javat with tearful eyes.

The place where yoghurt was churned

Every day in the early morning, Mother Yashoda used to churn yoghurt at this place. To this day, one can see an enormous yoghurt pot here.

Parnamasi's arrival path

Yogmaya Purnamasi used to arrive at Nand Bhavan along this path to have darshan of Krishna.[1]


  1. A wonderful, divine state that resembles delusion. This state is virtually only in Shrimati Radhika. One manifestation of divyonmada is chitra-jalpa, which induces "radha to speak nonsensically, as when She addresses a bumblebee in the presence of Uddhav