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Hanuman / हनुमान

  • Hanuman was born to Anjani, a female vanar, and Kesri, a male vanar.
  • He was the chief general of the vanar king Sugriv who assisted Ram in the war with the demon-king Ravan.
  • Hanuman was also an ardent devotee of Ram.
  • When Hanuman was a little child, he imagined the Sun to be a fruit and flew towards it to pluck it. Seeing his effortless flight, Indra became concerned for the sun's safety and hurled his Vajra at Hanuman. Hanuman fell down and broke his jaw. Be-holding his injured son, the angry Vayu went off to Patal with Hanuman, whereupon, all the living creatures became breathless and felt suffocated.
  • The gods then went to Vayu and pleaded with him. They also showered blessings on Hanuman. Brahma and Indra gave him boons, that no weapon would slay him and that death would come to him at his will.
  • When Sugriv sent monkeys out to inquire after Sita's whereabouts, Hanuman, according to the information obtained from the vulture Sampati, crossed the ocean to the abode of Ravan, the king of Lanka.
  • Here he found Sita in the Ashokvatika. Hanuman comforted Sita and told her that Ram would soon be there with a large army to take her back home.
  • To prove himself, he gave her the signet ring of Ram which he had brought along. While leaving, Hanuman was spotted.
  • Ravan, on hearing the news, immediately sent his body-guards to capture Hanuman. When they were defeated, he sent his son Akshkumar, who was also killed by Hanuman.
  • Then Indrajit went after Hanuman, and with the Brahmastra, he managed to make Hanuman unconscious. The Rakshas tied Hanuman and took him to the court of Ravan.
  • To teach him a lesson, pieces of cloth were tied round his tail, set on fire, and let free. Hanuman with his tail set the whole of Lanka in flames. He then crossed the ocean and returned to his friends.
  • Later, when Ram and his army attacked Lanka, Hanuman wrought havoc in the army of the enemy and killed many Daemons.


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